a short walk last week

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I never regret it when I step outside of my house, camera in hand, with the intention of paying attention. After all, as Sister Sarah Joan, a character in the lovely film “Lady Bird,” says, attention is a sign of love. My love for this city where I live has grown the more I’ve walked its streets, paying attention, and capturing what moves me with my camera. To what ultimate end? Who knows. I do know that the attention, the love, is worth it. I also know that sharing what I see, with care, is part of that love.

Here is some of what grabbed my attention during a short walk last week…

~Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. I couldn’t agree more – about attention being love. And the connection you made with you made with both the people and place of your neighborhood is evidence of gratitude. A beautiful start to my own day. A gentle reminder that stepping outside is always good. Thank you!

  2. Love this walk. You are so good at finding light and shadows.

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