My Summer on Film

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A few years ago, my digital camera broke right before my summer vacation in Spain and I was bummed. However, I had taken two of my film cameras with me and lots of rolls, so I was sort of forced to go all analog. I was so worried I would ruin everything and I would not have any good, physical memories to keep from that summer, but all my film images came out beautifully, I have to say. I was so proud of myself…

Although this summer I also took my digital camera with me to Spain, I must admit I shot mostly film again; perhaps dreaming and/or knowing I would, one more time, love the results. Which I did.

Summer is over, practically, and I look forward to loading some more film in my 35mm and medium format to shoot all things autumn. Until then, here’s my summer, my first time sharing my favorites together.



  1. Great job! I have a few favorites but I love all of them. My favorites would be: 1) the teal wood door and 2) the chair against the wall with the vine across.
    And of course all with your adorable kiddos. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing your passion.
    Your friend,
    Lucille ~,*

  2. I don’t think it will ever grow old for me. Seeing this place that has your heart through your lens.

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