Reflecting Back

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Here we are. January 2020. A whole new year. A whole new decade! And for the past several years, I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the year ahead with you. Last year at this time, I looked back on what I wanted for 2019: more laughter, love, family, friends and adventure! The year before, I shared ideas on Photo Projects for the New Year. In 2017, I looked back at how Things Change, and in 2016 I was Making Space in many different ways, both in my photography and my life, while seeking out The Path of Least Resistance.

This year, my photography continues to evolve, and so does the way that I look at it. I shoot even less with my DSLR than I did four years ago; in fact my iPhone seems to have become an extension of my hand and I capture my world even more casually that I did before. Although I have explored shooting with my film cameras, I confess that I have yet to develop anything! Six rolls await me.

After discovering Corey Nicklos’s @unicornfightclub Instagram account last month, I actually pulled out my old Polaroid cameras vowing to shoot instant film this year. I haven’t chosen a “word for the year” since 2016, but a few weeks ago, BRAVE implanted itself in my psyche and wouldn’t leave me alone; I couldn’t shake it. It has become my word for the year, and who knows, maybe the decade.

So while I’ve certainly embraced January as a time for looking back and reflecting on the year before, I thought for today I’d reflect back on my year in a different way, one that maybe you’ll find you’ll useful for the year ahead. Taking a look at photos I captured using reflections as my main subject. Like these shots of my dog Major…

…or used to enhance my subject like in these delicious drinks! (Dirty martinis are my fav!)

I also often grab a gratuitous self-reflection more often than I’d care to admit! Do you do this too?

Sometimes I use the reflection as a way to tell more of a story, like the trees – or that glorious oak leaf hydrangea – reflected in the windows below…

or I link to find interesting ways to capture how light can be reflected in a photo whether taken during the day or at night.

But then again, sometimes I take photos with reflections just for fun!

Whatever you see in your reflections this year, I hope you capture them along the way. Here’s wishing you a decade of photo fun!

Holly ~ Soupatraveler