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I’ve said it in this space so many times before – I love a good project. But, in the last couple of years (blame the pandemic, midlife crisis, who even knows), I’ve found myself significantly less motivated to always have my camera on hand, to always be documenting those everyday beauties, everyday moments. I’ve taken it as a phase, a turn of seasons, a changing of time availability and priorities, the like, and been okay with it.

Recently, though, I was having a conversation with my oldest who has been the subject of an awful lot of my photography work since before he was even born. He said, “Mom? You know what I miss? You used to make those videos of our days. I wish you still did that.” Talk about a gut punch. They were these little 2-5 minute compilation videos, nothing amazing, just little snippets of our life, that I would put together for every month. I did this for the first few years of both kids’ lives, and then I just kind of petered out on it. It was a lot of work, honestly, and it was a well-intentioned project that just kind of fell by the wayside.

So, now I’m looking to start this one back up. And maybe there’s some mom-guilt involved in it all, but, dang do I love those little videos too. At the moment, I’m excited about it all. So, here’s to renewed intentions. Here’s to young kids “getting it” more than anticipated. Here’s to both adventure and the everyday and all the beauty in all of it.

All the best,

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  1. I adore your projects Alison (and I love that your children do too) . Can’t wait to see this one taking shape.

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