Happy Accidents on Film

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Recently, I found two rolls of 35mm film in the bottom of a travel bag. I’d forgotten about them and was delighted at the prospect of finding out what images they held. I’ve not been shooting much film lately as I’ve succumbed to the ease of my iPhone. I mailed off the rolls and waited.

When I first began shooting film, I would feel so incredibly frustrated when the images were not quite what I’d hoped. I would see failure instead of admiring the serendipity of the film. It took me a little while to appreciate these “mistakes” for something more. I felt as though I weren’t getting it “right” and it wasn’t until I let go that I really began to fall in love with film. For me, film photography is not about meticulous images….it’s about the feeling they bring back to me. It’s understanding that sometimes the loss of control brings about the most interesting images. Lately, I’ve become smitten with beginning of the roll cut offs. There does not seem to be much rhyme or reason to it for me personally. I might shoot five rolls that are all solid and then shoot two rolls in which the first or last frame is cut. I’m enthralled with the story it creates.

Pentax k1000 Kodak ColorPlus 200 – Chicago, Illinois

Street scenes hold more meaning for me. I lean into the image a little more…curious about the blank side of the frame.

Pentax k1000 Kodak Ektar 100 – Cincinnati, Ohio

Shooting with experimental film changes the feeling entirely. It feels otherworldly to me.

Pentax k1000 Psych Blues#4 – Bonaire

Light leaks and multiple exposure during an evening wander before dinner.

Pentax k1000 CineStill 800 – Bonaire

Cheers to your happy accidents!

Pentax k1000 Kodak ColorPlus 200 – Bonaire

Any mishaps that you’ve fallen in love with while shooting film? Light leaks? Multiple exposures? Beginning or end of roll cut off? I’d love to see them! ~ Laura


  1. These are SO GOOD! Seriously every single one is a winner!
    Tate has started getting into these too…and I have to admit I’m tempted.

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