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This week I went on a little photo adventure…. to the aquarium!

Shooting at the aquarium is a huge challenge. The lights are low, the glass is thick, and my white balance simply doesn’t know what to do!

For this outing I took my time. I brought along two lenses, my 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/2.8 macro and I did a lot of experimentation to get the best results.

I utilized my 35mm way more than I thought I would but I quickly learned I needed the light. Luckily so many of my subjects were eager to come close! (Like the sea turtle who found the iridescence of my phone intriguing!)

I also used a feature I don’t think I’ve ever used before! The custom white balance! It was absolutely required for shooting through the heavy blue tints.

The hardest part was surprisingly getting my subjects in focus. Shooting through such heavy glass caused so much distortion! The animals had to be directly in front of me to get a clear shot.

The ball pythons had so much more light and so I was able to create some smooth bokeh with my 85mm!

Whenever I shoot animals I try desperately to bring their eyes in focus but occasionally I break this rule for cool details or beautiful textures.

Scales are always my weakness! <3

One day I hope to work on some real wildlife photography! I’m always drooling over massive zoom lenses in my dreams. I love the challenge of new photographic scenarios.

What challenges do you want to take on next?

Much love,

Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate

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