Fond memories

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Most summers for us bring the opportunity to get away, explore new places, see new sights. But as is true for so many activities in 2020, this summer is different.

At the beginning of the year, we were planning a trip to Italy, in celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary. With the unfolding of the COVID crisis, those plans became a distant dream. Someday, perhaps, but not soon.

When lockdown guidelines allowed us to leave our homes late this spring, I cautiously ventured to the grocery store, got a much-needed haircut, and completed other necessary errands. Planning a summer vacation was far from my mind. I know many people did travel this season, hitting the road for destinations not too far away. Since we did not make that choice, I’ve been reminiscing about vacations past, remembering some of the days we spent together on the beach, in the mountains, or exploring new cities.

So I’m taking a trip down memory lane today and sharing with you a small offering of the many (many!) photos I’ve taken during our travels the past few years.

The exercise of going back through my photos reminds me that I’ve been very fortunate to have seen so many wonderful sights, and to have those experiences with my family is priceless.

These images also help me remember that there is so much beauty in this world! It’s a much-needed reminder in these days of stress and uncertainty.

No matter where you are this summer, I hope you are finding joy and beauty in your surroundings. And if you’re traveling, please share with me your favorite destinations. I’m building my list for more carefree days ahead!



  1. Love them all, especially the one of the two salon chairs and heat dryers. Where was that? Thank for taking me on vacation with you!

    • Ah, thank you! I spotted those chairs in the little town of Joshua Tree a few years back. I’m thinking I need to print that photo soon. ?

  2. A lovely virtual escape! We’re only going as far as day hikes on skyline drive this summer, but it’s lovely to daydream!

    • Yes, I guess I’m daydreaming with these memories! Ready to return to some of these spots, as well as find new ones.

  3. I am so sad that you didn’t make it to Italy this year.
    But I can just imagine you going through all of these wonderful memories as one of your many beautiful sourdough loaves rises. x

    • Italy, sigh. Hopefully one day? But looking at the fun times of the past brings smiles and some hope.

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