Garden Polaroids – Take Two

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When I last joined you, I’d pulled out an expired pack of Impossible Project SX-70 Color film that had been sitting in my fridge for at least five years to shoot some Garden Polaroids. Although I wasn’t wowed at first by my four frames, they have been on display in my office ever since, and I find that I love them more as time passes.

Already they are out of date! My pretty ceramic pots with my gerbera daisies are now on the front stoop as the squirrels decapitated every bloom. I’m happy to report they have bloomed again and are nodding their sunny heads at our Mail Lady every day. The alliums are long since gone and my round marble table is now filled with the succulents from my window sills. I have repaved the patio at the back of the garden and my beloved shed is falling apart! I’m so glad I captured it before it’s final demise coming in the next weeks, as my husband has promised to build me a new one for my birthday this month.

So I’m thrilled that I froze time for that moment and will always have these tangible, printed, wonky colored memories to look back on. With that in mind, I decided to use the rest of the pack to capture some more.

Our new puppy Gibson in the garden and on the deck. (It’s not easy to get him to sit still!)

The various pots on the deck next to the planter with the geraniums I overwintered in the basement and pansies I bought for $1 on sale!

And my beloved hydrangea with eleven blooms! (last year only one), rescued from an old garden around the corner before developers tore it’s 100+ year old home down. I also saved the primroses, hostas, peony, tulips, daffodils and irises too!

Like before, the color from these Polaroids should deepen over time. I was surprised at how much the exposures on the last group shifted over several days. I captured these earlier this afternoon with plenty of light. Next time, I’ll have to remember to turn the dial on my SX-70 OneStep towards “dark” to get a darker exposure.

My garden – and my dog – are my sanctuary. I can’t tell you how important they are to me for helping me to maintain my balance. The past several months have seen so many ups and downs for us. Covid-19. The loss of our beloved Aussie Major, with us for fourteen and a half years. Social unrest and upheaval in my city. The loss of one job after another after another in a career that seems to be on hold. Event photographers aren’t in great demand now. Sadness, depression. Plenty of tears.

But also a new puppy: Gibson! Eleven weeks old today! A new focus on health. An awakening around the world with lessons on social justice, privilege and compassion. Since the majority of my work falls under social justice, it’s been heartening to see minds opening up to change and more people getting involved to make a positive difference in the world. And my garden. It is by far the lushest year ever…and of course the puppy is small enough to be “contained” and Major isn’t destroying everything protecting us from squirrels!

I hope that you are doing okay. That your worlds are changing and shifting in this difficult time in a gentle way. That you are coping the best you can. If things get too much, perhaps consider taking out your camera and finding something to focus on that brings you joy and happiness. Or break out a coloring book, sit in meditation, stretch out to some yoga or cook up a storm. We are all in this together.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


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