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As I type, I’m avoiding the other window I have open that shows a brand new Lightroom catalog filled with almost 6,000 photos. They’re the photos from my phone. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday figuring out how to copy them from my Google Pixel onto a portable hard drive and then waiting while they uploaded into Lightroom. Now is the hard part. I have to sift through them. With my big camera, I usually upload and cull photos right away. And I’m usually a little more picky about how often I click the shutter button. With my phone, I’m a happy snapper – I snap photos all the time – maybe just to remember a color or the price of an item when I’m comparison shopping. I even snap photos of my parking spot so I don’t forget where I parked my car at the mall.

My photos span several years, showing what life was like in the same spots from one to the next. I notice how I’m drawn to the same views year after year.


I find images that I love that I have forgotten about:

And watching the seasons change as I scroll through the catalog:

I even find remnants of project ideas that I’ve either put off or abandoned:

But mainly, I love finding these hidden gems that remind me of good times with friends and family:

What photos have gotten lost in your phone? Finding my lost loves – Angie


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