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As I was tidying my photo libraries of client work recently, I started noticing how frequently I turn the camera on the dogs or cats who happen to be lingering nearby. A few shoots were at the beach so it was a natural place to bring along the dogs for a romp while working, but otherwise no matter where we were, they seem to like hanging out to watch the proceedings.

Charlotte the doodle was only interested in keeping an eye on Betsy and made her way into many of the personal branding shots we were capturing that day!

I’ve done headshots for Pete and Katy’s person, both of whom have managed to make it into a shot or two. In this case, we did a shoot just for them!

This is Marnie. She’s pretending not to care while my client Heather and I try not to get in her way.

Psssst. Look this way, pup.

Meet April, at the time a prospective Guide Dog for the Blind being fostered by a dear colleague. We loved having her under the front desk at work for a few months before she went off for her training.

My pal Toby (#tobythemoseydoodle) is often captured by my lens, of course. Hi buddy.

I loved finding these images of sweetness in my archives this week. Makes me wonder what else I might find there!



  1. Love this! It’s because you’re a pet lover, that’s why!!

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