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What is there to say?  2020 has been exhausting in so many ways.  It’s been eye-opening, heartbreaking, mind-numbing.  There’s been uncertainty, unrest, unkindness.

But also: hard work and love.

I’m thinking of everyone in the medical field and their ceaseless caretaking work (a big shout-out to our very own Kirstin).  I’m thinking of the researchers working on a Covid vaccine and treatments, and the brave people taking part in the clinical trials.  I’m thinking of people protesting peacefully, and activists and politicians working for social change.  I’m thinking of everyone who voted in the recent U.S. election.  I’m thinking of the firefighters. I’m thinking of everyone able to work a job who is doing so.  I’m thinking of the parents who are juggling working from home and overseeing their children’s education.

So much hard work.  And so much love tucked into that work.

I think it’s safe to say everything about 2020 has been heightened and off-the-charts.  It’s been a year of watching things on a worldwide scale extra closely while simultaneously keeping tabs on what (and who) is closer to home.  It’s a lot to manage.

It is with this in mind – the broad sweep of all.that.is.going.on running parallel to the quieter, more intimate goings-on – that I mounted my macro lens on my camera body recently.  While keeping in mind everything that has transpired this year (and all that continues), I wanted to move through my home looking at things closer in.  Literally.

I often feel that photography is a form of prayer.  Getting thoughtfully quiet when framing a shot, finding stillness in the body, pressing the shutter in tandem with pressing pause on a chattering mind.  There’s a focus (literal and otherwise) that is like no other.  And so, with my macro lens mounted, I did a little praying.

These images are a prayer that I offer to you.  A prayer rooted in love.  A prayer rooted in gratitude.  A prayer rooted in hope.

I know 2020 has been hard and exhausting.  But keep going.  Work hard, whatever that looks like for you.  Keep loving, however you can.  Stay rooted in hope.  The tide will turn.





  1. Thank you for this prayer, Michelle. And for the up close views, for seeing of the smallness and the grandness of life, through the lens. I can only say, Amen.

  2. what a lovely reminder. these shots are like a breath of fresh air!!

    • Oh thank you, Kirstin. Besides photography feeling like prayer, I also think it’s poetry…so I love what you said. xo

  3. <3

    This almost made me tear up. It's been and is rough indeed. I count on feeling an emotional relief once the first people in our country are vaccinated. I'm far down the line (thankfully!), but just the idea that someone is now protected is going to be lighten the load.

    • It’s been such a hard time. Yes to the vaccine and knowing people will be protected, the lightening of that load. Sending you a big hug. xo

  4. “A prayer rooted in love. A prayer rooted in gratitude. A prayer rooted in hope.”

    Amen <3

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