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There has been a discussion in Norwegian media lately about whether or not it is ‘allowed’ to start Christmas early this year. There was even a psychologist and ‘happiness researcher’ (and what a wonderful title that is) who argued that putting up the Christmas lights early this year is a good way of creating a bit of everyday joy, to help us pull through the upcoming months, which are going to be dark both literally and figuratively.

I’m normally a bit of a grinch about Christmas in November, but this year I agree completely that we need all the light we can get. Sure there are bright and sunny days, but more often than not I walk the boy to school before the sun is completely up, and don’t get outside again before it’s about to set.

I’m happy to see that people seem to have listened to the happiness researcher.

And I’m just as happy that I got to go outside and document this with my camera, in a way that I haven’t at all had the chance to for what feels like a long time. It’s all been a bit much lately. So when I was able to, I took two days off work and just walked around with my camera, and it was glorious.

I even came across a couple of reindeers wearing masks. And if that isn’t the perfect symbol of our times, I don’t know what is.

I hope you are finding your own way, whatever it is, to get through the upcoming months xx

Take care and much love from Jenny Graver.


  1. My heart has been warmed by the few Christmas lights I’ve seen around my neighborhood. I know it will all be extra special this year, and I can’t wait for people to start decorating in earnest. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care and much love to you too, Jenny.

  2. Reindeers with masks.
    Take care and much love. x

  3. I love this! I usually like to wait until December before I go overboard with the Christmas festivities, but I am definitely ready early this year

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