I wonder…

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I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of photography?

If the gear that I own will ever be enough?

What would happen if I used a long exposure to blur the sky?

How my capacity to create can outweigh my patience to edit?

Why sometimes everything is photogenic and sometimes nothing is?

If I’ll ever be able to finish the projects I have started?

Why I’m so hard on myself yet I encourage my students to be gentle?

If I can figure out how to sell prints without it being a cumbersome process?

If I made more time to practice, would I actually do it?

If the library has a flag on my account because of the number of overdue photography books I’ve had over the years?

Wondering…. –Angie


  1. Beautiful images and totally relatable thoughts!

  2. I have wondered so many of those myself, friend. Lovely, lovely post.

  3. Such relatable wonderings, oh and those beautiful images

  4. Ha! Some of these questions made me chuckle. Lovely images too.

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