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Each year I choose a word that helps me move in a direction for the coming days, weeks, and months. I first heard about the One Word Project (OWP) years ago from my fellow artist friends. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in choosing a word. Once chosen, buckle up. Historically, my chosen words have proven powerful. This year I chose the word “begin” or rather, it chose me. I started seeing the word “begin” everywhere after I agreed to the 2021 OWP.

With my new word ever present, I began 2021 looking for opportunities. Over the holidays, our family was gifted a DJI mini 2 drone. It’s tiny and ultra light weight. Easy to carry in a backpack or coat pocket. I’ve always found drones to be intimidating, but this past week I gathered my courage and set out to begin a new way of seeing my city.

I researched where I can use it legally in our city and I tried to be thoughtful of the surroundings. I liked it way more than I want to admit. It definitely changes how I see a particular location.

I love the lines and detail witnessed from above that I’d normally miss. It changes the feeling of a space for me. The zigzagging sidewalks, the manhole covers, the light posts, and the sculptures draw my eye to them. It’s a different and interesting form of street photography that I hadn’t considered before.


I’ve taken a similar image a million times from the upper floors of the downtown library, but love how the drone enabled me to see this slightly different angle.

Aerial views of the gardens in a local park and our downtown in the distance make my happy. The shadows of trees caught my eyes along with the squiggly lines of streets & sidewalks.

The pops of color and shapes look playful from above.

And finally, to imagine these images in black & white and to notice how they take on a new meaning. How do you see this space differently in black & white?

I’m grateful that I gave into my word and that I began a new form of photography. I’ve never considered aerial photography and it’s sparked my curiosity. Stay tuned…more to come in 2021!

~ Laura


  1. These are wonderful! I’m excited for you and looking forward to seeing what you do with this in each new season.

  2. What a perspective shifter! I can’t wait to see more.
    And to always be in a perpetual state of beginning is the antidote to atrophy and apathy. It’s a wonderful word – maybe especially for now. xo

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