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In our last Community Post on Bokeh, I shared a photo of some succulent bokeh mentioning that it was only the 2nd time I’d pulled out my DSLR last year. Well apparently I lied! When pulling out my gear early last week, I put a new memory card into my camera only to find a smattering of images taken from March thru June. I knew about the March shoot, as they were the last photos I’d taken of my beloved Aussie Major while he was peeking out of the shower curtain while getting a bath. But the rest of the photos came as a complete surprise; I’d completely forgotten about them!

There were pictures of my sourdough journey.

Pictures of my garden.

And pictures of Gibson as a tiny pup (he was so small!)

I have my first professional shoot of the year later this week (first event shoot since pre-pandemic times), and I’ll be prepping all my gear and cleaning up my memory cards this week. I wonder if I’ll find any other gems I’d forgotten about on them too? In the meantime, having these photos have been a real treat and makes me wish I’d been capturing more of my memories on my Canon and not just on my iPhone. Perhaps I’ll be shooting more with my big camera this year.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler (who doesn’t seem to travel much any more, HA!)


  1. When we moved I found a few rolls of film I had not developed. Who knows what is on them. You have inspired me to send them off. And it is so fun to see Major.

  2. A few weeks ago I found a memory card in my drawer a few weeks ago with pics I had forgotten I had taken and never uploaded! Gems for sure!!

  3. I know that feeling. And, on a somewhat related note, having gone back to film during the past year I dug out my beautiful Olympus but also our old point-and-shoot. The p-and-s had film left in it. I’ve finished up the roll and will be mailing it to the city to see what was on there.
    And, as someone who has had Aussies for over 30 years, I was thrilled to see your two beauties!

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