Portrait of a Plant

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I love to watch the way the light changes in our home. Between seasons and throughout the days, I observe. This plant was given to me as a gift months ago and I’ve shuttled her around our home as the sunlight changes. These days she’s soaking up the morning light in our den by the window with the bird feeder.

She’s a beauty in her vibrant green hues. Tender and strong. Full of lovely lines and shadows.

She casts delicate shadows on Sunday mornings and keeps me company while I drink my coffee.

This plant brings me such joy! What are the simple things bringing you joy these days? Have you ever made portraits of those items to help you remember? I want to look back on these images years from now and remember how I felt on these Sunday mornings …the joy and the vibrant green hues and the way the light shifted.

~ Laura


  1. I love how you shared both the color and the black and white. Such a stunning contrast, and all of them so beautiful.

  2. Ah, lovely. I feel like I’m sharing these actual moments of noticing with you. xo

  3. I love how magical and simple these are! I think it takes a true artist to take something we see everyday like a house plant and turn it into something beautiful like this!

  4. yes, I do that too. I’m especially smitten with shadows around the house. The morning shadows and early evening shadows being the most intriguing of course. I sometimes share those images on my website but most times simply keep them to myself, thinking that others may not appreciate what I have seen.

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