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Driving through our downtown a few weeks ago I noticed something that I have been missing: people. I’ve missed people watching. Our city streets have seemed mostly desolate during this past year. With the majority of people working remotely, there has been an emptiness in our city’s downtown that’s made my heart ache. If you know me at all, you know I love wandering cities and watching all of the humanity unfold.

Crosswalks and sidewalks have become busier in the last few weeks with warmer weather and vaccine rollout. I’m happy to see life returning to our downtown.

Bus stops are bustling again. It feels like a bit of return to life before the pandemic. The dog walkers always make me smile.

People strolling the sidewalks. People soaking up the sunshine during lunch breaks. People seeking safely distanced connection. I’ll take it.

I realize we’ll never really return to life before the pandemic, but I’m hopeful for a new normal filled with connection in the days, weeks, months ahead. I miss the simple beauty and delight you can find by passing a stranger on the street.


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