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After taking a quick inventory of the stash I have in my fridge, I’ve decided to make this a summer of shooting film. This week I finished off a roll I’ve had in my old Canon AE1 since before the pandemic, I can’t even remember half of what I shot.

This will be a lesson in patience for me as I’m used to the instant gratification that digital photography gives me. Luckily, there is instant film –

I find summer to be a good time to play and try new things with photography.

Do you have any projects planned? Do tell!

Happy Summer,



  1. I know exactly what you mean about instant gratification! I don’t have a project at the moment, but I do have a whole lot of film. I need to get on that. Thank you for the inspiration. x

  2. Just bought some film yesterday because my stash is quite low. My summer project is to shoot with some cameras I own but never use, and decide which (if any) to give away. Also, more black and white! LOVE that top photo with the shadows and vase. Good stuff!

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