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At the beginning of the summer I treated myself to a little bit of an upgrade. I’d been rocking a tiny little GoPro Hero5 Session for a few years, and had had a pretty dang good time with it – especially when I would hand it off to my kids and let them shoot whatever they happened to grab with it. It was amazing to just shoot with so little possibility of control, and just get whatever it decided to give you.

So, I picked up a brand new GoPro Hero9 with a whole pile more control, with a screen, with the possibility of shooting RAW files and adjusting settings in the camera – all a ton more than I’m used to, and all exactly what I was hoping for.

While I was at it, I also picked up a dome to plop the little camera in when shooting in the water. It allows some really cool above/below shots that I have been absolutely loving.

I am finding that it has changed up my view a bit, and that’s something that I was very much feeling like I needed. I had piled on a lot of projects that I was loving, but coupled with a shift in mood were getting to be too much. Enter the ease, the “shove-it-into-risky-situations,-I-promise-it’ll-be-amazing” nature of the beast, and I’m finding myself living my best summer GoPro life.

How about you? Have you found something recently to kickstart your creativity? Something to snap you just off kilter enough?

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  1. That photo from high above is awesome. Love your water shots! Do cool to shoot in the water. xo

  2. Oh my gosh, these photos are so fun. I love the way you capture your world, especially your children.

  3. Holy cow these are FUN! I think you’ve bottled that perfect childhood summer energy, Alison. What a treasure!

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