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For many years I attempted to grow a vegetable garden, however we live in a very wooded area where no one spot gets enough sunlight. It was also a constant battle to keep the rabbits, ground hogs, deer and other assorted wildlife from eating the fruits of my labor. Fortunately we have quite a few local farms which we take full advantage of year ’round.

From berry picking to corn and tomatoes, pick-your-own flowers in the summer, to pumpkin picking in the fall and cut your own Christmas trees in the winter, all the goodness I need is a short walk or drive away. Not to mention the homemade cheeses, breads and pastries.

I’ve spent many hours roaming around these farms with my camera. Knowing how much care and hard work goes into farming makes everything taste so much better.


  1. These are beautiful farm photos, Susan!
    Yes to appreciating all the care and hard work that goes into farming and that making the food taste even better.

  2. Susan, I agree there is great joy in appreciating the season by way of farms. I love every single image you’ve shared. Whenever I think of farmers, I am reminded of this quote from Thomas Jefferson, “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Farmers work so hard for that beautiful bounty! Were some of these image film? I love the the look!

  3. Thanks, Donna. It is a tough business and very unpredictable. All film (my summer of film) except for the bike and winter diptych. Still working on getting a good exposure, so different from digital…lots of misses in tricky light situations. I just have to learn by doing!

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