In Black and White, Instant Film
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We’ve been explaining to the boy how important it is for our bodies that we eat different types of food rather than the same thing all the time. During the pandemic, I’ve been thinking that the same thing holds for our brains, and how starved mine has been from the restricted and uniform diet it has been fed.

I dream of travelling. Perhaps to a Greek island. A tiny medieval town in Germany. The hot springs on Iceland. Lacking the opportunity for all of this, I’ve been looking for other, smaller ways of feeding my brain.

Such as a new Polaroid camera. I’ve been walking through my hometown with that camera, seeing the streets and buildings again for the first time.

We have visited the places we usually visit during summer, which feel new, since we haven’t seen them for a year.

In January I tried a yoga zoom class with a new teacher. I enjoyed it very much and made a lot of progress – it was specifically designed to build up your strength – and once spring came, the teacher started having classes outside.

I have never done yoga outside before. It triggers all the senses so wonderfully, with the sound of the wind in the trees and the sight of the clouds in the sky, not to mention the feeling of the wind and sun on my skin.

And so it goes, as we try to navigate life in an ever-changing pandemic, wondering whether it will ever end, or whether we will be left with an entirely new normal.

~ stay safe, Jenny G.


  1. so much navigating, so much wondering. here’s to exploring new things like outdoor yoga and new cameras (I love the shots you’ve shared!). yes to more of these things. xo

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