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I was going through my desk recently and came across a cheap toy that I purchased a few years ago at the dollar section of my local store. It’s a set of plastic lenses that fit onto a clip for a phone camera.

I put the bag of lenses in my purse so I could play around the next time I had a few extra minutes. One evening while I was waiting for my son’s meeting to conclude, I grabbed the set and walked around the parking lot. The only lens I used was the macro this time around. I was amazed at how close I had to be to my subject before the camera would actually focus. I was less than an inch from these surfaces before the details of the cracked paint and rust came into view.

Finding something interesting to look closer at was the easy part. The challenging bit was trying to stay steady enough to get sharp images. For most of the objects I was trying photograph I didn’t have a stable surface to use as base – so I just had to hold my breath and do my best.

There were a few where the focus was slightly off, but they still proved to be interesting shots.

I was pleasantly surprised at how great some of the images turned out especially considering how inexpensive the set was. I know that I’ll be playing with the other lenses soon, especially since they’re small enough to carry with me all the time.

Looking closer – Angie


  1. Wow! These images are fabulous! I will have to look around for some to experiment with myself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, these are great macro images! I once ordered a set of those clip-on lenses but returned them. Somehow the image always ended up with a black ring around it. Possibly not the right clip-ons for my phone, but I was put off them. Looking at yours makes me want to try again with another set…

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