Morning Dew

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Recently I had the good fortune to do a morning sunrise photoshoot with an old friend! Since I’m naturally a night owl I stayed up all night and into the morning for this event. The shoot went well and it was lovely to catch up with my friend but without a doubt the best part of my day was simply being awake while the world woke up. After our planned shoot I stuck around to capture some of the small beautiful parts of the world.

Since this early morning adventure I find myself craving more sunrises!

Have you seen a sunrise lately?

Much love,

Jenny W.


  1. You stayed up all night?! Craziness! Haha.

    These are so lovely. I traveled to a new city recently and was contemplating waking up for sunrise…but sleep won out in the end ? But you’re right – there’s something magical about being awake when the world is waking up. Hopefully soon.

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