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Last year I had a marketing consultation with a friend about, among other things, starting a separate Instagram account for my business. One of her (kind) comments about my personal account was that there was a certain melancholy to my personal images – something I’ve always known about me and the way I create a photograph. I have embraced the word melancholy over the years – when applying the word to my own personality, I don’t relate to it as depressed or dark necessarily, but instead thoughtful, pensive, or tender. Sweet, even.

What I’ve noticed in the past few years, as I have expanded my photography business to include personal branding, is that my professional photos are often brighter, sunnier, and more colorful than my melancholic personal photos. If they are for a personal branding client, I of course create a look and feel that supports or suits their own business personality.

I also take a lot of photos of flower arrangements.

How about you? Depending on what you’re shooting (or for whom you’re shooting), do your images reflect a mood or personality?



  1. I love these images of yours. I know what you mean about the word melancholy but I’m not sure your pictures of Toby could be considered that way!

  2. Gorgeousness! I think my photos always reflect my mood, it’s hard for me to get away from that.

  3. They definitely do! And I see the nostalgic mood in yours too.

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