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As 2021 inches toward 2022, we at ViewFinders took a look through the photographs we made over the past year.  Running the gamut from family and friends, to still life and landscape, from technically sound to purely of-the-heart, we culled our images for the ones that hold special meaning.

Here, we share with you some of our favorite images from the past year.  These are images that touch our hearts, and we hope they’ll touch yours too.  From one photographer to another, we wish you happy shooting during the remaining days of 2021 and in the coming year.

With all the love from each of us at ViewFinders…

My family and I visited the Colorado Rockies this past summer and I have lots of mountaintop photos of my three that I love.  But this one, of my daughter stepping lightly on stones in the creek, is etched in my heart.  Something about her youthfulness, something about the hopeful gesture of her foot, some measured care that’s mixed with play.  It makes me smile every time I look at it, takes me right back to that morning walk along the creek. –michelle

I chose this image as my favorite for the year because it was something of a mystery. This sign didn’t mark a street or road or driveway, and stood quietly by the side of the road in a thickly wooded area. To me, it spoke to the mysteries of life, the nature of stories, and the promise that around every corner and with each new day, a story awaits. All the best for the coming year. xo –lucy

I’ve been working on a project for a few years now that involves photographing old family treasures or sometimes recreating memories with objects found at local vintage shops. This particular picture is my favorite for the year. The jewelry box is just like the one I owned as a kid, the cameo pin was my grandmother’s and the pearls belonged to my mother. I also managed to find some wallpaper from the 1920s, the pattern is very similar to what hung on the walls of my grandmother’s guest room. This project has been cathartic and has brought me much joy. Keeping memories alive as we head into a brand new year. -Susan

I convinced my husband to go on a photo walk with me while on a family vacation over the summer. I was busy photographing the waves crashing into large rocks when I realized he was no longer with me. I kept walking a little further down the beach and found him admiring the light and shadow in this nearly empty setting. It was a moment of calm amidst the chaos of tourists and kid activities and this photo reminds me how important it is for me to steal a few quiet minutes to myself. -Angie

This image is all about the mood; you can almost feel the sizzzle from the heat of the sun, smell the salt from the sea and hear the seagulls as they try and eat your chips. That it’s film makes it all the more magical. Wishing you a fabulous new year as we all get used to our new normal.

Leica M6 | Carl Zeus 50mm f/2 | Ilford XP2 Super

My favorite is from my first roll from my new Leica. It was taken in my backyard. I haven’t been out shooting as much as my heart longs for, but I am trying to remember to find beauty right where I am.
~Staci Lee

Is this my favourite from 2021? Probably not. But it represents some of my favourite things this year: the process of trying to get used to the new 50 mm lens for my Leica. The little things, at home, with my family. ~ With much hope for the new year, Jenny Graver.

As I looked through my photographs from this year, I often couldn’t tell when or where a photograph was made. I shoot on different cameras, over long periods of time, and often at the same places on repeated visits. By the time I get around to processing and scanning, so much time has passed. And I’m a poor chronicler/organizer of my photographs, so there’s that as well. I settled on this photograph, which may or may not have been made this year. But it sort of represents how this year has been for me: tentative, somewhat obscured, with some shadows, and yet lovely lovely lovely. Here’s to the new year – unsure of what’s ahead, yet moving forward amidst the uncertainty, with hope of finding some beauty in it nonetheless. ~Eyes wide open, Chinwe.

My favorite photo from a walk with my son this past year. We drove downtown to wander and shoot with his new film camera. It was an evening in late February. I brought along a prism to play with and as I turned the corner of this monument, we found a bride and groom having their portraits made. It was such a delightful, joyful moment. The sunshine was beautiful, the clouds were light against the bright blue sky, my son was sharing a love of photography with me, and a hopeful couple in love! Pure magic. ~ Laura

For me, favourite photos don’t always mean great composition or technique, but are favourites because of what they represent. For me, getting on a plane for the first time in 18 months to see my family was one of the most memorable days of the year. The photo itself is a bit moody, but I was jumping out of my skin with excitement to be heading toward the people I adore. I wish you all what you wish for best this holiday season. ~ kim

This photo happened when I felt like I was getting my photography mojo back. Late fall was setting in. The ground was icy cold beneath my bare feet. I really felt one with myself, chasing the muses. Over time I’ve learned to let go of expectations in photography, especially the expectations of others. ~ Jenny W

What brought me the most joy, photographically speaking this year was definitely playing with my GoPro. It pushed me and stretched me in ways I didn’t necessarily anticipate, but needed in so many ways. –Alison

I can’t say that I necessarily have a favorite photo from the year – there are too many too choose – but what I love about this one is that it’s a favorite memory from this summer when we were finally reunited with my sister and her family after two years apart, enjoying a ride on Lake George in our Dad’s new boat, my nephew riding up front just like my sister and I did when we were kids.

Last summer I felt a turning inside myself – the beginning of a reanimation, a cautious return to the world and a return of the long dormant part of me that sees and makes photos. It happened in the making of this photo.

My people: my sanity and insanity. This moment was special because it may be one of the last times we travel together like this. My oldest one starts college next fall and I cannot begin to imagine what it will be like without his physical presence at home. ~ Maite

Keep making photos, friends! Happy Holidays!
Love from The ViewFinders