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Well, here we are. A whole new year, a chance at a new beginning, 363 days still unscripted stretching out before us where anything can happen. Of course there’s never a wrong time for a fresh start, but there’s something positively tingly about embarking on a new year. That’s one of the things I most love about January 1st, taking that first step forward, fresh intentions swirling about in my head, even if nothing pans out.

Oh, I have a million unfinished projects leftover from the previous year; 2021 was another doozy. Some I’ll finish – like getting out my Christmas cards and finally making pumpkin soup from my autumn gourds – others I’ll abandon because I really didn’t need a new tool shed, especially while a new washer lies most definitely ahead.

In the next few weeks, I’ll look back upon 2021 photographically speaking as much improved over 2020 having picked up my camera more often for both work and myself. In fact, I’ve already captured moments from 2022 and we’re only three days in!

I’m unsure of where I’m headed with my cameras, though I still capture my coffee cup every morning even if I haven’t been sharing those photos daily on Instagram. In fact, one of my resolutions is to catch up posting that project and return to the daily practice of sharing it. Let’s hope I stick to that one!

I’d also like to acquire a simpler camera for capturing my everyday outside of my iPhone – if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears! I miss having a camera with me that feels less like a quick snippet, and more like carving into stone. Things are looking up already!

Speaking of camera gear…I have too much! Too many film cameras collecting dust. Too many accessories I no longer use. So another photographic resolution is to pare it down to what I actually use or really want to keep. Oh, and to finally get those 6 rolls of film from who knows how many years ago developed! Wish me luck!

Until Next Time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. I’m very excited for you and those undeveloped rolls of film! I’m following along on the new camera recommendations. Here’s to a new year!

  2. Ah, I have similar resolutions, Holly. The gear that is collecting dust feels like a burden lately and I am considering something, gasp, digital, that is lighter than my film gear because I feel I miss too much now that I don’t carry a camera. I’m curious about where you land.

  3. Oh I wish I’d read this sooner. I do have a recommendation for you. A Fujifilm Xt-30. Ever since I got mine, it’s a dream, lightweight, and I take it everywhere with me because it is so femininely petite. But I was close to getting the Fujifilm X100 V for all the same reasons. I balked at the price, because I had to.
    From another photographer who has shared her home with Aussies for just over 30 years.

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