again and again and again

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My Japanese Magnolia is blooming again. She gently reminds me of hope that blooms in winter- that solid and purposeful hope one must muster. I am so thankful for her and how I can rely on her yearly reminder.

I am reminded of Jan Richardson’s lovely poem, Blessing of Hope. May you take a moment today for rest, joy, and hope.

So may we know
the hope
that is not just for someday
bur this day–
here, now,
in this moment
that opens to us:

hope not made
of wishes
but of substance,

hope made of sinew
and muscle
and bone,

hope that has breath
and a beating heart.

hope that will not
keep quiet
and be polite

hope that knows
how to holler
when it is called for,

hope that knows
how to sing
when there seems
little cause,

hope that raises us
from the dead–

not someday
but this day,
every day,
again and
again and

~Staci Lee


  1. Your magnolia has become a fixture in my dark days, friend. It’s like the canary in the coal mine of winter -reminding me of what’s to come my way in a few months. Thank you for sharing her!

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