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This is Leela:

And this is where Leela came from:

Leela is the newest member of my family. Earlier this month we went to the dumpster to take out some boxes and I saw a tiny little face peering up at me from a pile of garbage. She stared at me for a long moment and then ran away, hiding herself under the dumpster. As I walked over I heard the tiniest, weakest, little cries and I realized this little kitty was in need of help.

Later that evening my friends and I returned with cat food, gloves, and a carrier. She was still crying under the dumpster. We managed to coax her closer with food and we were able to get a good look at her. We realized she was missing an eye and clearly starving. We sat on dirty ground, calmly talking to her and inching her food bowl closer and closer until I was able to grab her!

After that we attempted to take her to a vet that accepts injured strays… but it turns out she wasn’t injured. Her eye had been surgically removed years ago, possibly after a car accident. She was calm, maybe relieved, as we drove around the city with her in the carrier. She was thrilled to be in the presence of people and as I watched her close her little eye and fall asleep I fell in love with her.

We realized she was meant to be ours. We brought her home, fed her, watered her, and gave her a warm pillow to sleep on. The next day she was a total champ at the vet, melting hearts. Overall she’s healthy, no transmittable diseases! She’s just tiny, malnourished, and neglected.

We’ve had little Leela for a few weeks now and I feel so blessed to have her. She’s an anxious baby, she didn’t understand she was welcome on the bed. She didn’t understand that human hands can be loving. She didn’t trust that food was coming. But slowly we are earning her trust and demonstrating our love for her.

It warms my heart to see her open up. The last few nights she’s slept at my feet! She’s starting to approach us for cuddles and pets. She’s making friends with my cat Marcie, and they’re learning to play, share treats, and sleep on the same furniture.

I always believe everything happens for a reason, and I’m so grateful we chose to throw out boxes the day we did.

Much love,

Jenny W.


  1. What a beautiful story! I foster rescued kittens and get them ready for adoption and sometimes it’s really hard to give them away… She chose you, though!

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