the light waits

In Film, Landscapes, Nature
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Truth be told, I haven’t picked up a camera in what feels like a long time. I’ve been preoccupied, tired, uninspired, distracted, busy, and meh. It’s ok though. My cameras sit and wait for me. The light waits. It arrives, spilling onto the floor, then fades every day. And it waits for me.

And on some days, even when the sky is clouded over in a thick blanket, the light does its beautiful work, assuring me.

It coaxes me outside, drawing me outside of myself to witness the way it illuminates all in its path, including me.

The light waits for me, always extending a gentle invitation…until the next time.

Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. This made me sigh deeply. It’s so very lovely.

  2. This really speaks to me. I don’t always go for the golden hour or the blue hour, as lovely as they can be. I’m more often drawn to the shadows on the walls and floor or, like in that one you shared, the dappled shade on the side of the house. There is so much there that comforts me too. Hugs.

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