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I recently arrived in Paris to do some photography shoots for clients (yes, lucky me!), and as I clock thousands of steps per day from one arrondissement to the next, I’ve been cultivating my own eye and raising my camera to capture (completely random) scenes separate from my professional work.

You would think, based on these photos, that Paris is empty of crowds. In truth, the streets are heaving with French vacationers on their post-Easter holidays, but when you hit the pavement early enough, vignettes of peace and beauty present themselves.

As the day goes on, the people appear for their café and croissants, on bicycles, scooters and their own two feet, congregating to rest and recuperate for lunch, filling all those empty chairs.

In a city this exquisite, there are literally photos to be made in every direction. It’s a cornucopia of choices. If I had a car this adorable, I too would stop and block traffic on the Pont Neuf to make its picture.

But I do love the early mornings, walking with coffee and camera in hand, rubbernecking in every direction and occasionally remembering to raise that camera to capture the light, the architecture, the color, the texture.

It’s a reminder that when I return home, I need to take the time to tour my own surroundings and gather visual stories there too.

à bientôt,

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