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I recently took a workshop with Ute R., a photographer and teacher at Click Photo School, on different creative techniques she uses in her photography. In her workshop, she says using these different techniques has opened a new world for her and made her photography so much more fun. She describes using double exposure, slow shutter speed, and different objects to create special effects that make her photos pop.

I have played with slow shutter speed in the past and double exposure on film. Also, I have been really busy with school (only three more weeks left!) so I haven’t had a chance to re experiment with those two techniques some more and as much as I would have liked to. That’s why I decided, this time, to focus on using objects to create cool effects and colors in my images.

I used Ana, my youngest daughter, my foster kitten, and several different objects such as a prism, wrapping paper, and some dry love grass to play around and create different effects. The idea is to place them in front of your lens and against the light and just shoot away.

I do have to say I’m quite happy with the results and I look forward to playing some more – maybe with landscapes and/or summer colors. Have you used random objects in your photography? Please share in the comments!



Using a prism
Using a red, beady necklace
Using shiny, rainbow wrapping paper
Using shiny, purple wrapping paper
Using love grass
Using love grass
Using shiny, silver wrapping paper


  1. Maite, this has really inspired me to play around with props. Your pictures are just gorgeous and I will definitely be giving it a go. x

  2. You took some really fun images!! So happy to hear you enjoyed my workshop and thank you for sharing about your experience here on the blog 🙂

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