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It’s spring, almost summer, and it rarely rains, so rarely that we are asked to save water. That is bad. But at the same time the sun shines in through my windows and outside in the streets, and I’m taking photos again.

It gets me thinking, what sort of photos do I like to take? I keep coming back to street photography. I’m introvert, being around people drains my energy, but still I love living in the city and being surrounded by all those people. Watching them. But at the same time I ask myself, are they okay with being photographed? So I mostly don’t take their photos, or only at a distance, from behind, or blurred. And keep a photo album the scenes in which I saw them in my mind.

And speaking of blurred – that is the other type of photography I love, with the subject standing out against a blurred background of creamy bokeh. It’s sometimes ridiculously difficult with the manual 50 mm lens I’m using these days, especially when I try to photograph that energetic seven year-old of mine, but it’s also ever so much fun.

So this is what is going on with me, photographically speaking, these days. How about you?

All the best, Jenny G.

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  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about street photography recently and I am completely with you. I think just getting my camera out a little more is what’s going on over here!

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