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It is yellow-green season here in southern Massachusetts. In Staci’s post on Monday, she penned an ode to the golden California poppy, which I remember so fondly from the years I lived in the Carmel hills.

Here on Cape Cod we have masses of buttercups, many much-maligned dandelions, stands of yellow mustard, and blankets of tiny winter aconite (mostly gone by now). But we also have the newly budded shrubs, yellow-edged hostas, and the tiny yellow-green leaflets on budding trees. All together they make a glowing riot of color that warms the soul, even on some of these unseasonably cold May days.

These images were all shot with my 50mm lens, which I hadn’t used in a VERY long time. It was a joy to get reacquainted with this lens, which has been a faithful friend over the years.

Here’s to yellow-green season! See you next month.


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  1. That first green of regrowth is such a good balance for all the yellows. Can’t wait to see more from the 50mm. x

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