Seeking Beauty

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Lately, I’ve been focusing less on trying to keep up with documenting my (and my family’s) life and more on seeing just to see. Seeking out beauty and making space for a moment of pause and of breath in what has felt like a relentless push through to the end of the school year.

I receive a monthly mailing that gives me those moments of pause and breath and something that I’ll continue to sign up for as long as she offers it. In the most recent Brandi Kincaid, Extravagant Hope mailing, she included her own musing, “Sometimes we find hope waiting in the simple act of looking ourselves in the eye and echoing Fred Rogers’s saying, ‘It’s you I like.’ And on days when it’s too hard to begin there, we turn to someone else and say the same, loving the world until we remember we might also love ourselves, too.”

And to this note, I seek beauty in the dew on the grasses, in the wonder of my kiddo, in a sidelong glance at the zoo, in the more ordinary moments and hidden pockets.

Looking for those moments of pause and breath,


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