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Sometimes my work introduces me to places and people (and sometimes animals) that feel life-changing, in one way or another. I’m doing a small video job with a dear friend and colleague who works as a volunteer at Rancho Compasión, a Bay Area farm animal sanctuary founded by Miyoko Schinner, who started a vegan food brand which combines culinary traditions with food technology to produce cheese and butter without cows. My friend Debra is a volunteer at the sanctuary, and I got to pay a visit with her recently and meet Cammy Schinner, Miyoko’s daughter, who manages the sanctuary.

Welcome to Rancho Compasión.
No matter what the goats OR pigs say.
I’d happily live here.
Chillin’ pig, waiting for the next tummy rub.
The animals have formed bonds with each other – pig and steer, ducks and goats, donkeys and sheep.

I was only able to grab the few previous stills with my camera, so the following are screengrabs from my video camera….

Goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, cows, and more are living a gentle, restorative life at Rancho Compasión, with the love of many volunteers and staff, including Cammy pictured above. The animals obviously adore her, as she does them.

So grateful for the people who recognize kindred spirits in our animal friends, who have sometimes been abused and experienced trauma, and have given them a place to live out their days in peace. They are angels on earth.



  1. We are big fans of Miyoko’s butter in this house. Wonderful to see this!

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