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Most of my professional work is either documentary or editorial in nature with a little portrait work thrown in between. As an event photographer, I attend all kinds of different events in the city, and get to capture a variety of people and places, almost exclusively with my 24-70mm lens. I need the quick changing ability to shift from a wide angle to a zoom in a matter of seconds depending on what is unfolding in front of me. But prior to this, there was an earlier time when I was a prime shooting evangelist before purchasing my 24-70 zoom. I captured everything with my 50mm and 85mm lenses depending on my 16-24mm wide angle zoom to capture larger scenes, because at that time I was doing a great deal of conference work, and previous DSLR cameras did not have the capability to shoot at a high ISO in low light without needing significant noise reduction.

For my personal work, I mostly photographed with my 50mm lens. It was light and easy, and I loved it’s prime qualities for deep, delicious bokeh. Today, I rarely shoot with my professional cameras for personal use. Instead I capture my daily life with my iphone. This morning I spent some time in the garden, mainly repotting half my houseplants, and although I still have plenty more to go, it felt great to get it done. Afterwards I was inspired to capture a few late summer scenes with my nifty fifty on my trusty DSLR just like I used to, ten years ago while capturing my 365. I hope you like the results as much as I do!

Sometimes I miss photographing my world with my “big” camera, however I don’t miss the bulk or the weight; my shoulders appreciate this too! I’ve often thought of buying a mirrorless camera for a lighter technical option, and suspect I’ll be heading in that direction sooner than I think. Earlier this year, It was rumored that Canon will no longer be producing DSLR cameras going forward, so perhaps I’ll be forced to switch eventually.

Which cameras do you use to capture your world. Have they shifted over time as well to a more immediate smartphone too? I’d love to hear in comments!

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler

update edit: On a hunch, I decided to see if the news about Canon and DSLR cameras being discontinued are still true, and it looks like as long as there’s a demand, DSLRs will still be produced!


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