a moment’s reprieve

In Film, Nature
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I just got some fresh scans, about nine months of time across a handful of rolls.

There are long gaps between the Thanksgiving cousins, the starkly lit winter walks, the softening of spring and the summer color. It will take me a while to make sense of this mish-mosh of images, but one thing that was obvious at the first pass – how small and close so many of my photos were. This makes sense to me.

The larger world is mad beyond comprehension, and so without realizing what I was doing, I set my focus on the tiny, the colorful – the beautiful. Where possible, I obscured the rest. You don’t have to dig too deep reach the subconscious message.

To fill my eyes and frame with something lovely, if only for a moment’s reprieve.

And wishing the same for you,


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for this taste of peace and hope.

  2. WOW wow wow! Lovely lovely lovely! All these images are wonderful, but I could stare at that last one for a long time! Thanks for sharing such gorgeousness with us!

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