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Have you ever considered why you photograph? Not the family photos of moments from the small to major milestones, or the pictures you make to document a special trip, but those others.

I’m venturing a guess that most who read here usually find some seemingly randoms on their rolls or SD cards.

When you search your archive, selecting only for  those odd ball shots, it’s interesting to see what patterns formed of your eye and of your recurring interest emerge.

For me, it’s often pockets of light.

They catch me over and over again. If a camera is handy, I seem unable to resist any chance at bottling it up.

It’s irresistible. It feels a lot like alchemy.

Do you know your “why?” If so, I’d love it if you shared it in the comments.

Keep your eyes wide open,


  1. I have been wondering this myself of late. I think it is usually the desire to capture how light reveals something in a moment.

  2. Beautiful! I think I like to capture those fleeting moments that are often caused by light but sometimes by wind or time or coming into contact with a humor animal.

  3. Oh gosh these are lovely!
    I have two kinds of these images. Those on my camera (often a lot of intense food pics) and my iPhone (much more about light and shadows and so many cats).

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