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I’ve had a few rolls of LomoChrome Purple film lurking in my refrigerator for ages, and somehow kept forgetting take it out for a spin. A few weeks ago, preparing for my annual trek to the local sunflower field, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try this color-shifting film. And that decision was definitely the right one!

You see, this film shifts yellow to pink, blue to green, and green to purple. My field of bright yellow sunflowers definitely changed when captured on this film stock.

Seeing these scans for the first time was a definite “wow” moment. The abundance of yellow blooms really brought the pink in these shots. I didn’t realize it at the time I shot this roll, but metering for 400 ISO apparently brings the maximum amount of color to the shot. (This film can be metered anywhere from 100-400 ISO, depending upon your camera’s capabilities.)

For this roll, I shot with my Olympus Trip 35, and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Having shot in these fields year after year, it’s hard to find a new way to portray their beauty. This film gave me a new way to play and to see these beautiful blooms.

After shooting in a carefully planted field, it was fun to find some “wild” sunflowers on another day. Again, the yellow translation to pink was very strong. And shooting up toward the sky gave me the bright turquoise that I find to be so lovely.

I have another roll of this film in 35mm, as well as 120…time to start thinking about what subject matter would next pair nicely with this color shift. Have you played with any of these specialty films? Tell me about your favorite ways to use them in the comments below.



  1. These are just great, Leslie! I think go big or go home with the crazy color film is a solid strategy, and with the sunflowers you definitely went big!.

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