Tough Start

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The start of this school year has been especially difficult for me. This year I have the class of kindergarteners who were three years old when the pandemic started, so these beautiful children have yet to learn about being with other children (ie. sharing, taking turns, socializing, being kind to each other…). Not only that, they have been silent witnesses of their families worries, frustrations, and possibly hardships, thus needing the same – if not more- social and emotional learning and coping skills than us adults at the moment. They are a tough group and I struggle, at times, to go to work with the energy and love they deserve.

In addition, my oldest has moved to SLU Madrid, Spain, for college. I will not see him until December 22nd and I miss him so, so much. We try to talk often but the fact that he is almost 6,000 miles away and I can’t hug him or be with him if needs me makes my mommy heart ache every day.

So this is where I am at, at the moment. Cruising through the school year with the next holiday or break in mind. Dreaming of the days until my school munchkins finally get it and my oldest comes home for Christmas. And in the meantime, I take pictures of life moving along. Some are good, some are awful, yet it feels like it’s one of the only things lately that will keep me from sinking.

Thanks for listening – Maite


  1. Oh, friend! I’m so sorry. I’m thankful you are still shooting. Lots of love in these.

    • The love is still there, just not the same energy at the moment. xo

    • Thanks, friend! It is but not as much as I would like, sadly… xo

  2. Such lovely photos‼️When the heart aches beauty and love are found in untraditional places! I will keep you in my heart and I send love❤️

  3. My heart hurts for your feelings. Your photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, Evelyn. I’m sure I will feel better eventually but it sure is rough now… xo

  4. But even with your heart weighed and heavy, when you look you see beauty love all around you. Which is why those kiddos are so darned lucky to have you! And man, oh man, is that reunion going to be sweet! xoxo

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