Bits and pieces

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I can see you’re a bit fragile these days, she said.

That’s true enough.

What is next?

Am I going to crack1, fall to pieces, leave bits of me all round the place?

Well, what if I do?

As we photographers know, cracks are where the light gets in2, and if I leave pieces of myself around in the world, then maybe I have also made an impact, hopefully for the better.

~ All the best from Jenny G.

  1. Language is funny. Something that cracks is ruined, someone who cracks, deviates from some societally defined norm of how people are supposed to be, but if you crack up? Then you have a good laugh about it all.
  2. Researching this post had me down the rabbit hole of reading about how Leonard Cohen’s text echoes wording in a text by 13th century Persian poet, scholar and mystic Rumi. Fascinating stuff.

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