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It’s been a while since I use the camera on my phone for more than the silly, quick snapshot. The two main reasons being, I had a very old iPhone model and I refused to pay more than $1000 for a new phone; a phone that still worked perfectly well and still had a reasonable camera. However, I do love the camera in my phone just as much as I like my big cameras, and I always secretly didn’t want to admit the cameras on everyone else’s newer models were much better than mine.

So when my old phone ran out of space, was always low on battery at 10am, and my husband convinced me to pay for it in installments so I wouldn’t feel so frivolous and guilty about paying so much money for a phone, I decided to finally buy the latest iPhone model, which, trust me, I have no idea what model it is (13? 14? Max? S?).

I’m not going to talk specs about the camera on the phone but I do have to admit it really does take good photos. Apparently, it gives you “the level of versatility that could once only be found in a professional DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.” Think sensor, telephoto view, full-resolution… the works. I really don’t care, I just know I like it very much and have been taking more photos on my phone again. Which is really all that matters.

Here are a few of my favorites on my new phone. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them. How do you use the camera on your mobile phone? Let me know, share some, and tag us on Instagram! We’d love to repost.



  1. Wow! Terrific photos, so clear, so sharp! You got me thinking about a new one myself😁

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