on reestablishing a habit

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Another year, friends. Another challenging year. And another year in which I haven’t made many photographs, well,  excluding those on my phone. 

But a year in which I got out much more, and made a point of seeing new things. I find myself carrying a camera and not taking any photos. Or leaving it home, and missing opportunities. It’s as if the synchronicity I once felt existed between my camera, my eye and the world has slipped its track. But I’m working on it – putting in some effort to get it back.

I’ve spent this year looking again – for the light and the color.

Trying to stay open to the possibility that the world will show me something delightful or amusing.

Remaining soft enough to experience wonder.

And recognizing those rarer moments that feel out of time – almost like magic.

How lucky I had a camera with me for some of them.

Keep your eyes wide open,


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