Ode to an iPhone

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Early on in the third (fourth?) year of my 365 Project, I had some minor surgery on my hand. By then, daily photo documentation was just a habit. I don’t remember the version, but my iPhone was probably a 6 or thereabouts and with my right hand in a cast, it was really the only thing I could shoot with (and just barely, at that). As photographers, we tell ourselves that the best camera is always the one we have with us, but this was the time in my life that idiom took on real meaning for me. I learned to dig deeper to create the images I wanted. I didn’t have the crutch of a gigantic or raw file to “fix in post”. In that regard, it was was somewhat reminiscent of film shooting (which I hadn’t done in years). But thus began my love affair with shooting on an iPhone. To this day, (maybe eight years later? I have lost all sense of time and I blame the covid years. Sorry, I digress) I often travel with only my iPhone in tow. I like that it saves my hands and my back, but I also find that it forces me to stop and slow down before shooting. To look just a little harder at what I’m including in my frame, what the subject of my image really is, and to think for an extra moment about what story I’m trying to tell. Can I actually capture what I want with the phone? Sometimes, the answer is no, and I wish I had brought my mirrorless, or I plan in advance and I do bring it. Knowing how to take advantage of the iPhone camera features, what apps to use and what its limitations are is key to getting the images I want. I love this tiny camera that is always in my pocket and what it has allowed me to immortalize over the years. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite mobile images shot with anything from a 6 to the 14ProMax I have today.


  1. They are all amazing! I’m an iPhone camera fan too!!

  2. Just beautiful.
    I have never taken the time to get to know my phone camera, this is inspiration to do so.

  3. Your composition in each and every one of these is so so good. Thank you so much for the inspiration. x

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