Dear January

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Dear January, we need to talk. You start out all bright and full of promise, but after only a week or two you’re nothing but a slog through the dark.

And what’s with the crazy weather you’ve been giving us? So you insisted on the heaviest snow we’ve seen for years, but couldn’t you have kept it cold afterwards? I’m so tired of rain, slush, dirt and icy pavements.

On the few days that you’ve been giving us sun, it doesn’t last long before evening falls.

Sure, your darkness and weather is well suited to black and white photography. But that is only fun for so long, and I miss seeing the world in colour.

At least I have my knitting, and waffles, and copious amounts of tea, to tide me over until February. The only merit of which is that it is shorter than you are, January.

See you next year. Unfortunately.

I hope you’re coping better with January than me, wherever you are <3

All the best from Jenny G.

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