A New Addition

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We’ve been very busy at our house lately with a new addition to the family. Meet Joey:

We’ve had him for about a month now and he has completely rocked our world. He’s 17 weeks old and a bundle of love, energy, and destruction all wrapped into one furry package.

At first, he was a cuddle puppy and wanted to snuggle up on a lap for large blocks of time. Now, he’s a lot more active and requires constant supervision since he likes to find things to chew on. We’ve had to keep him relatively contained since he loves to climb under and behind all the things and pull items down off ledges and table tops.

He loves to be outside and tries to help me with my gardening.

And he’s already claimed the best spots as his own.

We’re trying to get him used to walking on a leash, but it’s a slow process since he wants to stop and smell (or eat) all the things.

Speaking of eating, he’s always hungry and we’ve tried a few things to keep him from gulping down his food all at once. We have a silicone add in for his bowl to make it a slow feeder and we purchased a “snuffle mat” to make him work a little harder for the kibble. The sounds he makes when he sniffs to find the food make us all giggle.

We know he won’t be a crazy puppy forever so we’re trying to take it slow and enjoy his antics while they last, even if it means we are extra tired for awhile.

Loving our new addition – Angie


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