Garden Soup

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Last summer my friend and fellow Viewfinder, Debbie and I hatched a plan to collaborate on a film soup project. We decided we’d each shoot and soup two rolls: one town/city themed and the other garden themed. You can find Debbie’s town/city themed installment in an earlier post here and mine here. A few weeks ago, Debbie shared her gorgeous garden themed images in this post. They are stunning with the added bonus of a butterfly!

Today I’m sharing my garden souped film along with all of the joy and color it brought me! What I love about film soup is that you never quite know how everything will turn out. There’s so much whimsy involved and I’ve really fallen hard for that experience.

For this experiment, I shot a 35mm roll of Kodak 400 and then souped it with flowers from my garden. I used gerber daisies, marigolds, cosmos, and sedum. I boiled water and then tossed in the flowers petals along with my roll of film. I gave it all a good stir and then waited for the magic to happen.

Magic, indeed! I’m blown away by the variation of colors and depth. The vivid reds and yellows. The bold greens and blues. And then the most beautiful pastel pinks. All of it coming together to remind me of a gorgeous summer evening in the garden.

Collaborations with friends, new experiments, beautiful blooms, and summer evenings….all the very best things!

~ Laura


  1. Una meraviglia giocare con la fotografia

  2. Oh, Laura! These are glorious, riotous and practically psychedelic. I love them all!

  3. Oh wow, these colors!! I’m in love!!

  4. Incredible! The colors are stunning. You should make large prints and frame some of these. So great!

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