Shades of grey

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A few days ago, I read that this winter has been the darkest Toronto has seen in 73 years. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, so needless to say it’s not been a great winter, but I went on about that already in my previous post here, so I won’t repeat myself. I recently got film scans back from my usual photo lab, a roll of black and white Kosmo 100 that I had popped into my tiny Fuji Natura Classica in autumn. I only shoot black and white in autumn/winter and that camera is small enough that I can pop it into a bag or even in my pocket once in a while. Because I don’t shoot a lot of black and white, I would love to be able to say that I was challenging myself but the truth is it’s just a way to make sure I shoot something other than my Christmas tree between November and April. Here then is a series of black and white random photos of my Toronto neighbourhood through the darkest winter in 73 years.

And now, back to trying to decide which cameras to take to France on Monday. Hopefully when we come back spring will have arrived in Toronto.



  1. These are so timeless. Big love.
    And I hope that France is lots of fun and that Spring has sprung in Toronto!

    • Thank you.
      Spring is slowly arriving in Toronto.
      I am so ready for everything to burst back into life.

  2. Wishing you a great trip to France and a speedy arrival of spring in Toronto!

    • Thank you very much Chinwe.
      I have another roll of black and white in my AE1 right now… it was my last roll of film in France and with no time to go hunting for film, I decided to pop it in… we’ll see…

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