Into the woods and by the river

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Into the woods and by the river, on a long walk with a dear friend. Carving our path along the river’s edge as we speak carefree words to each other, words that mark the trail of our own experiences. One step, then the next, along well-worn paths, each curve revealing another wonder of luscious green and dappled light.

What will the path ahead yield? How will our steps adjust to meet the uneven ground? Where will our feet land? We linger in the silence and take it all in, then we continue along the trail. We can see approaching figures up ahead, fellow travelers and, hopefully, fellow witnesses to the glory around us all.

Soon we are alone again, climbing up into the dark woods, among the trees. As I stop once again to marvel at the beauty on display – the myriad ways the light surprises and delights – I catch my breath in awe.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe

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