Midsummer Mantra

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As I make my way through this hazy, hot month of July, I find my mind racing with thoughts and worries. My to-do list grows ever longer. I’m anxious about the months ahead. Change is on the horizon. Good change, but change nonetheless and I struggle with transitions.

I recently stumbled upon the following poem and have etched it into my heart and mind. A midsummer mantra, if you will.

Let July be July
Let August be August
And let yourself
Just be
even in the uncertainty.
You don't have to fix 
You don't have to solve
And you can still
find peace
and grow
in the wild
of changing things.

Morgan Harper Nichols

I’ve leaned into souped 35mm film and shooting EBS (exposing both sides of the film). It seems to match the way my heart feels these days. Chaotic and anxious and hopeful and scared and excited and joyful. There’s a loss of control in both of these techniques that I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy. It’s almost meditative.

The first and fifth images above are Kodak 4oo EBS shot on my Pentax k1000. The remaining images are Kodak 200 shot on my Pentax k1000 souped in Dawn dish soap, old school red Kool-Aid, lemon juice, and boiling water. Steeped for hours and then tossed in the dryer with towels.

Breathe In. Breathe out. Find peace in the wild changing things.

~ Laura


  1. Not sure what I love more, the poem or your images! Such true words and such gorgeous pop of color…

  2. I was just thinking that the chaotic color of the images matches your initial words…then you said the same thing. Perfect pairing! Wishing you peace amid the change <3

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